Eniola and Ephraim

"So what are you guys watching?" Jules asked, her voice much louder than it needed to be at two am on a wednesday morning. She tripped over the chair by the suite door, but caught herself before falling. She was drunk. Her boyfriend person, Andy, walked in after her "You're so wasted." he said laughing so hard he hiccuped. He was also drunk. They stumbled into the room and fell on to the dirty orange futon.
"What are you guys watching?" she asked again.
"Family guy" Eniola responded without taking her eyes off the television screen. Ephraim who had been dozing off with his head on her lap jerked up suddenly "Wha...?" he asked, confused.
She always thought it was funny how he could sleep through loud obnxoious music or even loud obnoxious Jules, but all she had to do was hum and he would wake up.
"Nothing." she said and he laid back down mumbling something about the time.
"Oh yeah? Wait I've seen this episode, its hilarious." Andy said, also much louder than he needed to.
"Dude all Family Guy episodes are hilarious" Jules yelled back "Eni, Eni do you know what we should watch? Futurama! Lets watch Futurama!"
"Actually, I think we're just going to go to bed." Eniola said gently getting up to stretch so that Ephraim's head rolled off her lap and he woke up again.
"Ok, we'll be out here then."

Everyone seemed to be bent on annoying her today, Eniola thought as she undressed for bed. Ephraim was already knocked out with his head tucked under a pillow; he had gotten high with some old freinds before coming to get her from the train station that evening. Camille, one of Ephraim's friends had come with him, and as soon as he opened his mouth after Ephraim introduced him, Eniola knew she wouldn't like him.
"Eni Ola," he had broken her names into two syllables and everything he said after that, in Eniola's opinion, was one; a clear indicator that he was high out of his mand and two; horse shit.
"There is no distance between," he started to say as they walked towards the bus stop "I mean, we have distance between us in corporeal existance; but in, but temporally we are one singular entity travelling through time." Ephraim was almost doubled over laughing, sputtering something about Camille being an experimental physicist. That was him when he smoked, ticklish and tired; he laughed at every little thing and fell asleep wherever he llaid his head.
"So in that entity," Camille continued and Eniola wanted to slap his scruffy bearded face. " that forced non spacial dimension there is no distance between us, we are all one singular time travelling vessel no matter whta distance between us in three dimensions may be. So therefore ultimately we are all one comglomerate piece."

When he got off the stop before theirs' Eniola was grateful that there was finally distance bewteen them, but she couldn't hide her annoyance at Ephraim whose head was resting on her shoulder and it fell forward everytime the bus stopped.

She had just crawled into narrow standard dorm sized bed, careful not to wake him up when he suddenly popped his head out from under th pillow.
"How's Banke?" he asked
"Pregnant." Eniola responded without turning to face him
"Yup, goodnight."
"You're upset with me." he said placing his hand around her waist and pulling her close to mold his body against hers.
"Yeah, but you're high so I can't really talk to you."
"Sure you can," he mumbled and pleaded "don't be mad at me."
"Please just go to sleep."
"What is she going to do?"
"I don't know."

"I smoke," he had said cocking his head to his left side and smiling nervously. It had been the first time they were out alone.
"Aren't you learning anything in med school?" Eniola had asked, half in jest, half seriously "Cigarettes will kill you,"
"No, I don't smoke cigarettes..." he raised his eyebrows so that lines formed on his forehead. He was trying not to make the conversation heavier than necessary, but he wanted to tell her everything, in little bits, but everything eventually. He wanted to start out honest.
"I don't know," he said "I just wanted you to know, I know its kinds random but, I just thought, you know, I don't want you to think I'm this straight edge type guy, a lot of people seem to have that idea and...I don't know..." he was trying to read her expression, she was frowning a little and chewing on her bottom lip, she met his eyes
"Wait, so what do you smoke?" she put her palm up as if to stop him "wait, like crack?"
"Yes, exactly.No."he started laughing, he has his spread open and facing upwards and he was shaking his head "What the hell kind of person do you think I am?"
"I don't know," Eniola said laughing with him, his laughter was contagious "I don't know what you do" She was playing, they were laughing, it was good.
"Pot," he finally said "I occasionally smoke a little pot." Eniola was silent. She was eating and she looked as him while she chewed; considering what he said, considering him.
"I just wanted you to know, I know its random...but I like you, I just...I don't know."
"Well I haven't told you mine."
"Your what?"
"You know, my thing, you told me you're a pothead-"
"I am not a pothead"
"Whatever, you told me your own thing, so I have to tell you mine before you can decide that you like me."
"I don't care,"
"Let me say it,"
"Okay what?"
"I've never dated anyone before"
"So I'll be your first boyfriend?"
"What? No one said you were my boyfriend"
"Whatever. you know you want me."
"You wish."
"Seriously though,"
"I really do like you."
"Okay?" he shook his head "Okay what?"
"Okay, I hear you."


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